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Awesome Dog Academy uses positive reinforcement dog training, which is a reward and management based training which is the most effective method, but also the easiest way to approach teaching your dog. Our methods are decidedly dog and people friendly, with no use of choke chains, as we adhere to an approach that encourages your dog to be motivated to want to learn. Creating a dog that is an enthusiastic student is the easiest and fastest route to helping them achieve success. We use reward based training to motivate dogs to obey. Additionally, we employ the use of clickers to mark the correct behaviors and further encourage your dog.

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Classes FAQ

What kind of classes and services are available?

All of our classes, with the exception of Private classes, are group activities, meaning there will be multiple dogs in the class with you. 

Beginner Obedience – For puppies and older dogs alike, this class covers the basic obedience commands like sit, down, watch, come, stay, leave it, drop it and additional behaviors like proper leash walking, sitting for petting, energy management, and chewing. Learn a lot about how your dog thinks and communicates, so you can have a happy dog!

Private Class – This class is one hour with just your dog, your family and the trainer. In this class we can cover specific behaviors you are having issues with, or solve household issues like potty training, nipping & jumping, general obedience or other goals you may have.

Additional classes include Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and Agility for fun.  We also have AKC testing available for those who have goals towards a Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizenship test, and others.


Do I just leave my dog with the trainer or do I stay?

While our trainer would love to spend class time snuggling your dog, you are required to stay during the entire training session.  Our training sessions are designed to begin the behaviors during class so that you can continue to practice with your dog at home. This ensures that your dog listens to you, and not just our trainer.

Can more than one person in my family attend training class?

We currently welcome two people per dog in our training classes. Having two people come to training class means that both people hear what the trainer says, and can get their questions answered. When everyone is on the same page, you gain the consistency that your dog needs to succeed! 

How old does my dog need to be, and what about shots?

Puppies can start as young as 10 weeks old and there is no such thing as a dog too old to come to class!  Puppies must have at least 2 sets of shots and adult dogs must be current on all shots, including rabies.

What should I bring to class?

Treats! You want to bring small, soft, chewy treats for training class (look for something pea sized). Your dog will need a collar, and a leash (no retractable leashes, please!!). Harnesses are also allowed, as long as they fit well and your dog cannot slip out of them.


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