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At Animal Care Center, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. 


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "They were absolutely amazing our poor puppy wasn't going to make it and we brought her and they saved her life, I am forever grateful to them and will be using them as a long time vet"
    Britney Marie S.
  • "Dr. Russell and staff have been taking care of my two Yorkies for the past six and one-half years. I can always depend on them to take good care of my fur-babies."
    Jackie Ferguson P.
  • "You must understand I am bias toward Dr. Russell. We have known Shelly all her life. One of the smartest and sweetest people I know. We have other excellent veterinarians in North Mississippi, but Animal Care Center is where all our local family take their animals now that Dr. Russell is here. Very thorough, professional, and people oriented. They try to help you find the best care at the best cost. And, they truly care about the well-being of animals."
    Terry Smith
  • "You won't find a better group of people to take care of your pets. These folks were outstanding in their knowledge and care of my pet. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their pet(s). These are the only vets I'll use. Great staff, very friendly."
    Randall Tubb
  • "Wonderful staff my puppy wasn’t going to make it through the night and they found the problem and addressed it immediately. Now she’s back to her old self again. All my animals will be seeing these wonderful people from now on."
    Hope Hollis
  • "You guys are great--even in a situation where an angry/agitated/terrified pet (all 12.6 lbs of him) decides he's going to shred anyone who touches him, no one lost their cool. Everyone remained professional and calm (at least outwardly.) hahaa ;) I appreciate you guys so much and will continue to recommend your services to anyone searching for a place to care for their animal family members. Best to you all -- April & Bailey"

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